April Edit

The Bottle Fairy series started here in April. They show a big intro, and then the show goes on. When Senseisan tells them that he's going to a school ceremony, the fairies wonder what a school ceremony is. They go to Tamachan, a 1st grader who thinks she knows everything. This episode ends with being drunk.

May Edit

The episode begins with Tamachan reminding the fairies that is Golden Week. This episode is very funny, with every fairy's thought of Kururu as a boy, every fairy's thought of Golden Week, and more. But here after thinking about Golden Week, Tamachan makes this stupid theory of "May sickness." This episode ends with tea and donuts.

June Edit

This episode starts with some rain and praying. But the fun part- a love letter is on Senseisan's desk, while Tamachan explains this is a letter of love, which the fairies make up their own love story with a puppet named Senpai, declaring themselves as "June brides." The episode ends with Senseisan's decline.

July Edit

This episode begins with a July adventure! Hororo runs with Oborochan as Kururu, Chiriri, and Sarara find them while using Tamachan's help defeating a snake as they climb up a wall. This episode ends with a soccer ball.

August Edit

This episode begins with the beach- it's time to go swimming! But the fairies never get a chance- even though they eat food and have fun in a August festival. Their chance to finally swim is at the end.

September Edit

This episode starts with the first day of school, September! The fairies preview their way in their own school and end up graduating. This episode is full of education and a hot spring!

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