October Edit

October would be Halloween, but this episode starts with a poetry contest, and yes, they want Tamachan to judge their poetry. But Tamachan cares for her video game instead. Hororo guessed this by saying that she wondered if Tamachan was actually listening, so Tamachan said to decide by a obstacle course. The results are obviously awkward, as the episode ends with sweet potatoes.

November Edit

This episode starts with November's beautiful blooming flowers. Kururu notices that one of the flowers wasn't blooming at all. This is when they ask Tamachan for her "wise" advice. This is one of the first episodes when Tamachan was actually smart. The fairies named this flower Hananan after Tamachan said to give the flower love. This episode slowly ends after raining days, magic, dying flowers, and seeds.

December Edit

This episode starts with "Santa Kururu." It is New Year's Eve, when Tamachan got very upset with the fairies after realizing that the fairies haven't done any of the required chores. This episode has a soap opera, and tazukuri, or rice fields. This episode will continue in January.

January Edit

December continues, but now it is New Year's Day. This is a episode anyone will love. Tamachan introduces Sugoroku to the fairies, a Japanese board game that helps the fairies celebrate the new year. This episode ends with being arrested and a dream of becoming humans.

February Edit

The first thing you think of in February is Valentine's Day, which is exactly what this episode is about! Love, chocolate, and heart throbbings seem new to the fairies as the episode slowly ends.

March Edit

This episode has a March graduation, dolls, a star, and a chance to become human! The fairies experience "good-bye" as they accidentally become one human, named Kusachiho. The fairies experience being "Kusachiho," in the episode "And Then."

This episode is continued in the third part of this topic.