What is the episode "And Then?" Edit

"And Then" is the final episode in the Bottle Fairy series. You notice that Tamachan and Senseisan will say the episode, and that in the beginning you'll see a book named "And Then" next to the bottles which the fairies live in.

And Then Edit

This episode begins after the surprise at March, the fairies became a human instead of "humans," which the human was named Kusachiho. It begins with Senseisan getting ready for school and Kusachiho eating breakfast.

Later, Kururu notices that Senseisan forgot his bento box, or in English, lunch box. This episode is basically about the fairies helping to return Senseisan's lunch box, as they eat it together after accidentally turning back to fairies. Besides, they thought being a human was fun, hard and scary. But next time they get the chance to be humans, they want to be separate!