Kusachiho is the form that the fairies took when they finally became human. They received a magic star from the fairy world and were told to focus their magic on it and then they would become human. However, when they did focus their magic on it, and they started to grow, they formed into one person, and that person was Kusachiho. They expected to turn into four different people, but instead, they shared one human body that was controlled by all four of them. You could only tell which one was controlling the body by the color of her eyes and the sound of her voice, and control over the body changed constantly so it was like she was bi-polar. However, there was one time where they were all controlling the body together since they were doing the same action. This happened when they were over come with the stress of the human world and their eyes kept changing to each color rapidly, until soon their eyes became plain grey, showing that all of them were controlling the body.

Kusachiho has long, orange hair and one strand of hair that twirls around her head like a halo. She was first seen in a plain, white dress with a long bow on the front, however, the next day, Sensei-san bought her a long-sleeved pink shirt with a black dress to wear over it, that she could wear around the house until she could get back to the way she was.

Kusachiho was only shown in one episode and that was the last episode. The whole episode was just an adventure of trying to get Sensei-san's bento back to him since he left it at home. Throughout this episode, Kusachiho's feelings for Sensei-san were revealed since she had so many fantasies about him asking her to marry her and being with her, causing her to blush and squeal with excitement, however, Kururu was the one controlling the body while she saw these fantasies, so she is truely the one who loves Sensei-san, but couldn't approach her love before since she was a fairy.

Throughout the episode, the fairies kept getting distracted by multiple things on campus, then only remember Sensei-san when they accidently say a word that sounds like "bento." Finally, she finds Sensei-san and jumps into his arms cheerfully. Sensei-san then thanked her for bringing him his lunch and asked her to eat with him, but then when he opened the bento and saw that it was all messed up, Kusachiho started to cry, saying that she failed and bringing him his lunch. Surprisingly, she then started to glow, then disappeared. Sensei-san then looked down to see that she had gone back to her original form as the four fairies: Kururu, Chiriri, Hororo, and Sarara, and as they walked home with Sensei-san, they told him that the human world was too scary for them and that they wanted to remain fairies and remain living with him.